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Argh? Yay?
My cats pee on my shoes in the night if they want to go outside. But no one lets them out. It's lose-lose, my shoes are covered in pee, and the cats are still inside. Argh. But what really sucks is when you take butter out of the fridge and it's all hard (SHUT UP, Claire), so you put it in the microwave for 15 seconds and it doesn't even get awrmer, so you put it in for 20 seconds and it liquifies, and then you spill it everywhere. Argh. If your bus doesn't come, you don't have to go to school. I wish my bus would just not come one day. But then another bus always comes to pick us up, but one that already has people to pick up, so not only are we going to school, but we are going to school in an uncomfortably full bus. Argh. I'm not going to have my bass lesson today, the guy moved it to next week. Argh. I'm single. Argh. Heh, I got Flash, a $650 program, for free off Kazaa. Yay. Katie is going to give me a burned copy of Photoshop. Yay. I am a criminal. Argh. I am smarter than almost everyone in my Programming class. Yay. Almost everyone in my Programming class is dumber than me. Argh. This conversation...is over.
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