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we are to answer the questions
On Tuesday my power came back at 4:30. We had to go to school again. Fortunately the power was out! So not only were we up at 7:30 (good for fun, bad for school), but basically ALL of my friends were there, being a school day and all. So what to do but go and hang out in Silver Spring all day? That's right NOTHING. So that's what we did. First we walked from school down Colesville to Mayorga, and I had my lunch and ROOT BEER ON TAP! Yeah. Then we hung out on this lawn thing near Mayorga, and alex and I had a rolling contest. I suppose now is as good a time as any to enumerate the people that were there: me, Bruno, Carter, Katie, Kate, Lizzi, Alex, Jeff, Louis, and Jacki. We ran into Nessa and Juli and Noah on the way, and we assimilated them into our collective. Yeah, so after Mayorga, Nessa, Juli, and Noah, went to Nessa's, and invited me to come to the CD/Game Exchange to go to Wheaton at 11:30. Bruno went home to take care of chores to meet us later. Yeah, so we went to the lawn, and I called Nessa to decline the invitation, and we left the lawn, and parted with Louis. We went to Dale Music cuz I wanted to show Jeff a guitar, and on the way we saw Nessa, Juli, Noah, and Bruno again. Nessa, Bruno, and Juli, decided to stay with us instead of going to Wheaton, and Noah went home cuz he was really tired. We all went to Carter's to watch a movie, but I convinced everyone to stay outside, and play on Carter's awesome swing, and hang out in his backyard.

This is so dumb. Nobody wants to read a full account of what I did on a given day.

Katie, Kate, and Lizzi left, and the remaining group went to the Boston park, and we played on the equipment, and I tackled and was tackled many a time. Nessa left, and Jeff, Jacki, and Alex went home. Carter and I went to Bruno's, and we played Soul Calibur II (GREAT GAME) until Carter left, and then Bruno and I watched Family Guy til my Mom came. Then I came home and PLAYED BASS WITH MY AMP AND SURFED THE NET AND ATE COLD FOOD AND LISTENED TO THIRTEENTH STEP!!!!!!!!!

That was a fun day.

Thirteenth Step is one of THE BEST albums ever made. Everyone should buy it and listen to it everyday.

Cheer up, all. You're alive, and that's good enough.
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