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school sucks
School sucks. As usual. But I'm doing my homework, which is a good thing. Only...180 or so days to go...damn. The only thing I am looking forward to is next semester, I will most likely be playing bass for Jazz Band B. Hopefully on of my band nerd buddies will be in there, so I won't feel TOOOOOO dumb. But I have faith in my abilities, so there shouldn't be a problem. Anyway. In 12 days, this blog will be one year old. That's pretty cool. On that same day, A PERFECT CIRCLE RELEASES THEIR NEW ALBUM!!! That means Maynard can go back to Tool. Which is definitely good. Oooh, a Tool mystery for you to ponder upon: I asked Emma what she thought about NIN, and she said that they were ok, but she thought better trip-hop was Portishead. I didn't know what trip-hop was, but it was vaguely familiar, so I did what we all do when we don't know about something, I searched for "trip-hop" on Google. The first site looked as good as any, so I went there, and discovered why the term was familiar. There is a trip-hop artist named Tricky, and he is that black dude in the Tool video for Parabola. Naturally, being a Tool whore, I went digging on Tricky's homepage and found THIS news entry:
Album out now

Catch Tricky on tour with Tool
on the Southwest & West coast
dates beginning Oct. 28 th
WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?!?!? IS TOOL ON TOUR? The APC tour ends on September 30th, so Maynard would be free but I was under the impression that Tool wasn't going to tour before they made a new album. I think the key is the part about Tricky's album. If anyone knows when Tricky released his last album, PLEASE inform me! It's VERY IMPORTANT!
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