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OK, now, I post. We start on...
In the morning was the first day of Aikido. We did lots of sit-ups, and my abs hurt for four days after. But now I'm ok. After that I went to my grandparents' house and mowed their lawn for $20. Which totally rocks. From there I went to Bruno's to sleep over, cuz the 7th is my parents' anniversary, and they wanted time to themselves so they could do god knows what (copulate - I AM GOD). Bruno and I saw Seabiscuit, me for a second time, and believe it or not, it was still good. Then we hung out around Wheaton for a while and I got Songs For the Deaf by Queens of the Stone Age which TOTALLY ROCKS. Like completely. They are WAYYYYYY up there. And Bruno got a DVD, The Battle of Mexico City by RAtM. We had dinner (burrItos!) and then watched the Rage vid. IT WAS AWESOME. Not surprising. We watched some comedy central, and then we fell asleep listening to QOTSA. When we woke up, it was of course...
We had breakfast, and then I read the comics and the Post magazine while Bruno cleaned up the dog poop from his backyard. Then, TO THE FOLK FESTIVAL! Nothing unusal, I got my ritual chicken on a stick, of course. I also got the flaming eye face-painted on my forehead by Rachel, but then my head was itchy, and I scratched it before I remembered my eye was there. Damn. Vanessa and Pierre were there, and that was certainly weird. OH! ARGH! I was looking for my sister, and I asked Julie and Nessa and them peoples, and Juli said, "she's probably off fucking some guy," and I said "HEY!" and then Nessa said "What, she probably is." WHAT THE FUCK? THAT'S MY FUCKING SISTER! MY SISTER WHO HAS KISSED ONE GUY IN ALL HER 13 YEARS! After she DUMPED me, Nessa seemed so concerned, "You hate me now, don't you?" Well I guess since I assured her that I don't and she's nice and secure in another relationship, it's ok for her to treat me like crap again. (That's how I see it. You are welcome to defend yourself if you care to do so, Nessa.) Anyway, yeah. So that was the Folk Fesival. Oh, one more thing! Sebi and I got interviewed:
For others, the music was incidental to the experience of the festival.

"I never come here to watch the stuff," said Zack Rothman, 15, a Takoma Park resident who said he had been to the festival every year but one since he was 8. "I just come here to hang with people I know."

"Personally, I come out to watch hippies in their element," said friend and fellow resident Sebastian Johnson, 15.
That is such classic Sebi! WE RUCKING FOCK! Suddenly it was...
I went to school. Not much happened. That I can remember. Er, during lunch we tried to do the passing out thing, but it didn't work. For lack of a better transition...
See above.
Same as above, except that in PE, Shagee and I joined Ultimate Frisbee!!!! Tis very fun. Then, Emma (little sister) and I had a public transportation adventure, because I had to pick her up from her private school in Wheaton, and she got to take the public bus for the first time. We bonded. Anyway, today is...
As it was a school day, as usual, nothing happened. Of course, it is 9/11, and that doesn't happen everyday. I remember what it was like that day, and I have the deepest sympathy for those who lost loved ones, and I fully suppost our country in all its just endeavors. HOWEVER, THIS WAR IN IRAQ IS WRONG!!!!! Just wanted to get that thought out there. Anyway, during lunch I had a secret mission which will be revealed in due time, but I won't talk about. I WILL talk about me playing Capture the Flag! Which is to say, I DID! And it was fun. I will play again tomorrow, but this time without shoes for better traction.
I hope that's enough for you to chew on.

PS: Jeff, the thing you are talking about is a Blogger thing. If you used Blogger, I could help you, but as you use the base and unversatile XANGA, I cannot help you. Come over to the dark side of BLOGGER, and then maybe I can do something.
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