d a r k s i d e

w e l c o m e t o t h e m a c h i n e


a fairy tale
Lizzi wrote this, it's my favorite story:
once upon a time

there was a beautiful princess who had a fondness for the silver clips the castle jeweler made to bind many parchments together. she was philosophical and musical and relatively happy among her castlemates, but she felt lonely often. unable to find a spiritual and intellectual equal, she often retreated into her private world of art and literature.

one day she was playing with a ball by a well and she dropped it in. she didn't care all that much--it was just a ball--but to her astonishment a tall handsome alien appeared and dived into the well to retrieve her ball. thanking him, they began a conversation and discovered how much they had in common. the princess looked forward to their meetings and found herself at last able to connect with a mind on her wavelength. she began to wonder if she was in love.

the alien wondered too whether he was in love.

all these annoying bluebirds and blades of grass and flowers told them they were, but, being the sort of people they were, they held back. afraid of being hurt, or being stupid, or not making their own decisions? or maybe they just weren't sure? who knows.

were they in love?
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