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chaos, why are you?
What a stupid hurricane.
Between 7th and 8th period, Louis delivered to me a note from Vanessa. It was in code. I made a plan - come home, do hw while listening to Mer de Moms, call Borders to reserve a copy of Thirteenth Step, go to Borders, buy Thirteenth Step, come home, pop it in the stereo, and while listening to the wonder that is A Perfect Circle, proceed to decode Nessa's cryptic message and meditate upon my situation. I got up to the part about calling Borders, but they DIDN'T HAVE IT. So I stayed home, and decoded the message while listening to Mer de Noms instead. Obviously Nessa wrote it in code because it was for my eyes only, so I won't give you the exact text, but the gist was that she had read my post about Bruno's party, and that she wanted to talk too. So talk we did. We both confessed some things, and apologized for others, and I feel a WHOLE lot better about our relationship now. Thanks for opening up, Nessa. That was Tuesday.
Nothing much interesting during school and such, I played Capture the Flag and Ultimate Frisbee as usual. It was announced that afternoon that school was gonna be closed on Thursday. I was in the main hallway, and there were so many people cheering it sounded like something exploded. It was hilarious. Like, 5 parties were arranged between 2:10 and 3:00. I did not go to any of them, I went to Starbucks/Santuccis with Anuja, and then I hung out with Bruno.
I went to a meeting of the volunteer story telling thing persuasion. 'Twas fun, Lizzi, Katie, Jacki and Sebi were there, and that is a lot of diminutives. Some of you who are OGZ (hahah, Hooker With a Penis reference) may remember that around this time last year, I was concerned with the dilemma of sharing my thoughts about a person on my website. The problem was, that you can post things, but if there are some things you don't want someone to see, you can't do anything about it. I'm feeling a lot like that now. Don't call me, I'll call you. Anyway, lalala, hurricane Isabel, rain, thunder, wind power outages, WHO CARES? Onward!
Still no power. No power means no amps,a nd no amps means no day-long jam session with Jeff. ARGH!!!! Instead, we went to Chuck Levin's That was cool, but I don't like that place much, the people seem kinda elitist and unfriendly. Like, not so much MEAN, but just apathetic. Now Atomic Music, THAT is a music center. That place just rocks.
This morning we went to my cousin Emily's house warming thingy, cuz she just moved to a new apartment. She and her fiancee, Kris, are very cool people. Kris's favorite album isÆnima, and as you all know, a Tool fan always gets high points with me. Plus he plays guitar, and they are cool artist-types and yeah. If I were about 10 years older, they would be the people I was hanging out with. Anyway, they gave me a belated bithday present, a book about robotics, with tips and intstructions for building tiny little robots that have no reason to be except to be good at being. So, one o these days I'm going back to their house and Kris and I will build some robots. Yah! So I came home and continued reading Dune, which is prettyweirdd. Right now I'm babysitting my sibs and Zephyr at my mom's friend's house who has POWER!!! Power is good. I have a newfound respect for Thomas Edison and his lightbulb inventing skeelz. They are watching the Lizzie McGuire movie. God, how I hate that girl. She is everything that is wrong with America, not including George Bush and pop-punk. So here I am.
Tomorrow I'm gonna go see the new RoyLiechtensteinn sculpture at the Hirshhorn around 2:00 with my grandparents (read: Marissa, Sebi, Amy, meet me at the Hirshhorn at 2!), so that will be cool. And next weekend Jeff and I WILL have our long overdue jam session. You've not heard the last of US! I sure hope my power is back when I get home...
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