d a r k s i d e

w e l c o m e t o t h e m a c h i n e


Long and short of it is, in chronological order:
  • I like Nessa.
  • I kissed Nessa.
  • I sat on the couch.
  • Morgan sat on ME and asked if I was sad.
  • I thought Morgan liked me.
  • I tried not to like Morgan, not trusing my instincts.
  • I failed.
  • I talked to Morgan.
  • I don't like Morgan.
  • I got a letter from Nessa saying "I'm sorry if it was a little awkward, but it's good to know you don't hate me. Thanks."
  • I am very confused.
What the HELL? I NEVER hated Vanessa. Well, yeah, but that was only because I was 11 and I hated every girl. Just the opposite in fact. Oh, boy, I hope she doesn't read this before I get to her...ummm...if you see this before I talk to you...don't remember it.
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