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I hate school. I was up all last night organizing my backpack,a nd finding all the billions of pags of work I have to do before monday if I want to stay at Blair with all my friends. I also hate my complete lack of motivation. For some reason, I just CAN NOT make myself do homework. That's why I accumulate so much make-up work. Today it the last Friday (13th! COOL!) of the school year!!!! I'm supposed to be able to got to the pool with Bruno, or go burn stuff with Brandon and Louis, or go play music with Jeff, but instead, I'm staying after in the Media Center until 4!!! This really fucking sucks. And, I'm gonna be in deep shit with the machine, cuz I was supposed to stay at the IMC until 4 on Friday and Monday, but I only stayed til 3, cuz I'm a dumb ass who forgets that Ms. Keefer is good at negotiating and I could EASILY convince her to let me leave at 3. Instead, I will either get ISS when I go see her (not as if I know when the can DO that, considering this is the last day of school, and all the days next week are exam days), or I could just not go see her, and have a blemish[at this point, Mr. Dorsett came into the room, a noticed yesterday's last post, and kicked me off the computer. i'm gonna finish as though i'm still sitting there. or not. whatever] on my conscience for the rest of the summer. Whatever. I'm almost free.
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