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ARRRRGHHHHHHHH!!!!!! FIRST Maddy is telling me about this party at Linda's with jamming, and I can't go, cuz I'm going to Kevin's party with Nessa, but then Nessa has to go to some bar mitzvah, so she can't do anything, and I haven't seen her for a WEEK and a half. So, then I can come to the jamming party. But not really, cuz Kevin's party is still going, and then my dad is like "Kay called to remind you about the band practice today, but I told her that you couldn't come."
"Why not?"
"Michael's baseball game."
WHAT?!?!?! So now there are like, 4 things I wanna do today, added to the torture of STILL not being able to get together with Nessa, and I really miss her and want to see her, and my cousins are here and my parents are gonna be all "NO YOU HAVE TO SPEND ALL YOUR WAKING HOURS WITH NOAH AND LINNEA WHO FLEW 3000 MILES TO SEE YOU." And even though I love 'em, I don't want to devote my summer to them. AAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
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