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Ugh, Tech Ed still sucks. I'm so excited, cuz Kevin and I are making a website chronicling our war (to join my side click "join" to the left), and the website is gonna be WICKED COOL! I'm not gonna say anymore, you can see it once it's done. OOH! And today we have 5A lunch, cuz the only time Sra. Gonzalez could get the library was during 5B. And there are lots of cool people in 5A, and most of the cool people from 5B are in my spanish class, so everything is cool. I still have 20 minutes 'til Tech Ed is over. I think I'll post something on the mega-blog (if you wanna join it, first, you gotta have a blogger account, and then you have to e-mail me @ fearthe1023@lycos.com). But first, I will add a few more links.
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