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Today was cool. I had a big "fight" fight with Sebby, and I still need to exact my revenge. We (Bruno and I) went to Iva's, then to TPMS to see if we could find Sebby, but we couldn't. Instead we found my sister, and her disturbingly hot 7th grade friends. It was cool, though, cuz they all think I'm hot, but they are all CHILDREN. Bruno is envious. Anyway, we then went to Martin' s house, and he told us that Sebastian WAS at Takoma, so went back to look for him (and cuz I like the attention). We still didn't find him, but we hung out there, and somehow Jackson, Ian, Nick, and Andrea were all there. Woot. So we stayed for a while, and then we went back to Martin's (even though he wasn't allowed to have anyone over). I played his drums, and used his BB gun irresponsibly (unless you are my mom, in which case I was the only one who DIDN'T play with the BB gun). We shot the walls, and one of Martin's cymbals, and the dart board. Once, I missed the dart board and hit the hard wooden door, and the BB ricocheted off and hit my tummy, where I now have a welt the size of a...well, checking now, it's pretty much gone, but DAMN it hurt. Anyway, when we tried to leave Martin's, we opened the garage door to find ourselves staring at the tail lights of Martin's grandma's car, which was on and occupied. So we ran. Heheh. But she didn't see us, I don't think. We went back to Bruno's where I called my mom, and found that my softball game was cancelled. Anyway, so now I'm posting this from Bruno's and we are probably gonna go back to my place to watch little children while my parents our at a movie. Yah. Call if you wanna hang out (301 270-0111 me, 301 585-3835 bruno)!
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