d a r k s i d e

w e l c o m e t o t h e m a c h i n e


Bruno and I were woken up by my mom around 7. We drove to Burger King to get breakfast, then dropped Bruno off. When we got to the dojo, Mr. Cuffy was standing outside. And it turns out that the big cool all day Aikido beach trip type thang was canceled, cuz there was supposed to be thunderstorms later, and they would have happened while we were out on the ocean (or the bay, I'm not sure which Easten Shore they were talking about). So, my mom and I went back to Bruno's, to pick him up, and we just stood outdise in the car for like, 10 minutes, talking about my sister's issues, and then I went and got Bruno. Unfortunately, he couldn't come back, so I just went home, and got on the computer, where I remembered that there were some plans with Alex and Jeff and Alix to celebrate Alix's b-day. We were planning to go to Wheaton, and I asked my mom about it (IT'S 10:23! I SAW IT LAST NIGHT TOO!), and I heard something about my sister and her friends going to Wheaton, but whatever. Ack, so right now, I g2g celebrate Mother's Day, so I will continue this tale at a later time (maybe an hour, maybe 24).
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