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So, Saturday morning, I woke up and went to Aikido, but there was none, so I got to go to breakfas with my mommy, and we talked about stuff, and then we went home. I was on the computer for a while, and then mom and I went to get Jeff. We picked Jeff up, went to WES to get sarah, got to WES and decided that sarah wasn't done, and then we went home. Jeff and I hung out at my house for a while. Mostly we played guitar. We learned how to play Wake Up by RATM, and Jeff taught me a Pink Floyd song, and I taught him a bass riff I made up, and he made up a guitar part, and it sounds REALLY cool, and I gave Jeff a 6 page AEnema guitar tab and a CD with it on it, so he could learn it.. Then Jeff and I walked over to Alex's, and on the way I found my skateboard, which I didn't even KNOW was missing, on someone's yard who I didn't even know. Whatever. So I got to skate to Alex's. We hung out at Alex's, and listened to AEnema on Alex's big speakers, and it sounded DAMN COOL. Then we got bored, and called Morgan, and she came over. We went out and "skated", and then we got bored again. We went into Old Town, and on the way, Jeff or Morgan found a coin, and I wrestled Jeff for it, and won, with naught but a cut knee. Morgan left us when we passed we house, ditching us for TV or some Morgan thing, and we went up to 7-11 and got junk food, then Jeff went home, and Alex and I continued on to Video Americain, and we got the 1981 BBC The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. We went back to Alex's, and we played the demo of Freelancer, which I've decided I MUST get. Then we started the movie, and we stopped halfway through the first tape because it was a VERY bad movie, disgraceful to the legacy of THHGTTG. So we went back and played Freelancer, Jeff left, and then we went downstairs and watched TV/ate food. Until we fell asleep. Somewhere in there, Alex said "vaginal fortitude", and I couldn't stop laughing. Also, sometime that day, we came up with an idea for a song protesting the ruthless persecution of asparagi. So, we went to sleep, and then we woke up, Larry drove me home, stuff happened, I got boots, stuff happened, COA-MATT, sleep, morning, school, stuff, Borders, and then I finished this post.
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