d a r k s i d e

w e l c o m e t o t h e m a c h i n e


Holy schitt. All that happened? Wow. I will never do drugs. My mind is scattered enough without the effects of marijuana. Tomorrow, there is a protest in school. On the same day the Secretary of Homeland Security is visiting our school. I think it's funny, because, this dude is coming to a school where a majority of the students think that his ideas are bad ones. My aunt, Lia, and my cousins, Solomon and Mountain got here today. It kinda bothered me, cuz they kept interrupting my bass playing. If you read this, PLEASE tell me, because this is my life here, and I just need to know that SOMEONE is hearing what I have to say. Lunch was weird today. I was kinda flirting with Nessa, and I got the feeling that she was too, but I know she couldn't be... But it gives mr hope where it is good to have none. It feels EXACTLY like right before we started going out, so I feel like the obvious thing to come next is us going out. But I know I shouldn't, but deep down in a place I can't control, I still think that she likes me, and is just sorting out her life, that in a few months, that she'll come back "hey Zack, what are you doing this saturday?" Arg. So, I think I will conclude with some wise words from our ever-helpful musical buddies, Tool.

i am too
connected to you
to slip away
fade away.
days away i
still feel you:
touching me,
changing me,
and considerately killing me.

Spiral out.
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