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Have you ever really loved a person, and that person was doing something to hurt themselves? But then they don't listen, and the result is that you go through your day with nothing else on your mind, unable to function in anyway that does not help you find ways to solve the problem. Well, that's my life right now. So, you know who you are, STOP IT NOW!

A long time ago, last year in 8th grade, I was in a chatroom with Kevin Finn, and his friend was there. She was an interesting person, so I kept her screen name, and talked to her occasionally. However, I got a new screenname, and with out my knowledge of the "send buddy list" feature, her name was lost and forgotten. Recently, my name ogt warned to 100%, so I temporarily switched back to my old name, and there she was. I asked if she remembered me, but got an away message leading me to a new screen name. She was there, so I started a conversation that led to us talking about school. Remember, at this point, I still thought she went to some school out there, like at Einstien with Kevin. But when I asked, she said she went to BLAIR! I was amazed. I inquired further, and discovered that not only did she go to Blair, but she is in MY GRADE. I told her my name. She realized that a couple days ago, she was at Lizzi's house, tormenting, over IM, a person of the same name [it was me]. And I hadn't spoken to this person in months, but had unwittingly seen her everyday since september. Pretty fuckin cool, huh? And this is none other than ther [in]famous Katie Frank. We meet tomorrow during A lunch. EXCITING ADVENTURE! Woohoo.

Not only that, but I'm actually posting on the same day all this happened. Life just gets better and better...or worse and worse.
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