d a r k s i d e

w e l c o m e t o t h e m a c h i n e


I'm ok now. HOLY SHIT!!!! Kay tried to commit suicide. I called the police, and everyone says I saved her life. Although, don't get mad at me, but I still am slightly skeptical. For one, this whole thing happened over IM. Second, she claims she took 46 Ibuprofen and 3 shots of Vodka. And then she says the cop guy just had her barf it and then he left. I think if you loaded yourslef with that much chemical, you'd need to go to the emergency room FAST. And then they wouldn't send you home. You'd go to the psych ward, for extensive psychological evaluation, and counseling, and everything, and I DON'T think they would give you access to a computer to get BACK on IM to tell your friends you were ok. I just can't understand why she would lie about that. But then, I don't really know Kay that well. And if you read this, don't go blurting it to people, and don't go ask Kay if she's ok. That's just too much. Wow, this was a surreal day. With the snow, and the letting out early, and this whole suicide thing, just totally mind-blisteringly surreal. But that's cool. I needed a little break from reality.
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