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Hiya. Today, Bruno and I woke up at about 11. Well, I woke up at eleven (1+1). Bruno got up before me, and already had breakfast. So we hung out, and my mom made us do some cleaning. Then we invited Will over, and we went down to the creek to play with fire. Here's how we did it:

  • plastic soda bottle
  • isopropyl alcohol
  • twine
  • magnesium scrapey thingy
  • pocket knife
  • a flint
  • duct tape (of course)
  • thick gloves (IMPORTANT)

Put on the gloves, fool. Make a hole in the bottle cap, and cut about 2 inches of twine. Put it through the bottle cap, and tape it in place. Now, put a bit of alcohol in the bottle, cap it (with the cap for the alcohol if you did it right), and shake it. Put it down. Now, scrape a bunch of magnesium into the soda cap, and then pour, a small amount of alcohol into the cap. Make sure to get alcohol all over the twine. Put it down. Shake the bottle somemore. Uncap. Take the cap with alcohol, and hold it (wearing gloves) as someone uses the flint to light it. Quickly, put the cap on the bottle. It should go WOOOOOOOOSSSSSHHHHH and make the bottle go all warm and melty wrinkly. During all this, your hands WILL catch on fire, so if you aren't wearing gloves that are like, snow-playing thickness, you WILL be in pain.

Anyway, then we filled the cap wit alcohol, and lit it, and it sunk into the snow, and the plastic ACTUALLY boiled. Like, dripping. We went back to my house, and played a couple games of StarCraft. Near the end of our second game, Thomas called, and invited us to go bowling. So we did. THEN we came back. Bruno was here for about one more hour, and then he left. Now I'm all alone. But that's ok. I feel school looming over me, like a big loomy thing. DOOOM.
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