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DAY 3 of no school: Ok, so it's a different day completely, but I AM at Bruno's, so I kept my word. What did we do...? Not a lot. From Bruno's yesterday we (Alex, Jeff, Bruno, Carter, me) went to Alex's. We watched a couple movies and a bunch of late night TV and then we slept. Then we got up. OH! I COMPLETELY forgot to tell my parents that I was going to Alex's, much less that I was sleeping over, so my parents didn't know where I was until this morning. My mom was MAD. But it's ok. Anyway, so we got up. Then some stuff happened. We had a snowball fight at Jeff's in which Evan (Jeff's little brother) kept getting mad because he kept...GETTING HIT BY SNOWBALLS!!!!!!! WHO would have EVER thought that in a SNOWBALL fight you might get hit with SNOWBALLS?!?!? So he stuffed snow in my face and punched Bruno's. I exercised great self-restraint in that I did NOT smash him into the ground, or exact revenge for the coat he buried in the snow. After Jeff's, we were SUPPOSED to go and hang with Morgan, but she TOTALLY DITCHED US, and went to Old Town with Nora and Connor, half an hour before we were supposed to meet her! We decided not to feed her EVIL by going and bothering them in OT, so we went back to Alex's. Bruno and I then came to Bruno's. Now here I am. Oh, wait. We DID do a lot. AND NO SCHOOL TOMORROW!!!!!!!! This means we had a...9-DAY WEEKEND!!!! That is very cool. Ooh, and yesterday was my half birthday. Maybe I should have a party now...
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