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Arg. So the laser tag thing didn't happen. I had to go to COA-MATT, where Nessa continued to ignore me. I still like her, but I feel like she's treating me like SHE doesn't like ME. I hope that's not the case, but if it is, that I wish she would just dump me, instead of dragging it out, and making me feel like shit (hint hint). Anyway, so Saturday, I went to aikido as usual, where my elbows bled again (stupid new mat), and then I went bowling with Jeff and Alex, and Alix, who I finally met and have decided is a cool person. We four had an epic snowball fight in a court in Silver Spring. So then I came home, and stayed there for a while, then I walked over to Nick's to jam with Nick, Jackson, and Will. There was a old guy there, Mike, who had been in a band with Nick's dad, and who had been playing bass for 48 YEARS! He was really good, he did all this slap stuff, and wowie. He taught me this blues riff, and a song by the Almond Brothers, which is now my new purpose in life (to master that song). OOH! When we (Nick, Will, Jackson, Maddy, Mark, and I) went to pick up chinese from Golden Star, these guys stopped us and one of them asked Nick if he had stolen his buddy Ben's "ounce" (that's weed for you non-street smart "dawgs"). The dude kept his hand in his pocket the whole time, like he was ready to pull a gun on us or something. Nick just kept telling them "I didn't take it, I don't fuck with that stuff, man (which he doesn't)," and he let them search his jacket. They threw it back to him and he said, "We're cool?", and the other guys said, "Yeah, you're cool" and to his buddy "Any of these other fools?" Fortunately, his buddy said no, and we were free. I felt stupid, cuz they all got out of this white limo, which I had done a flip right in front of earlier. Anyway...then, at 11, Nick's mom drove me over to Bruno's where we talked and watched TV and slept. Then, we got up the next morning, and we watched Bring It On, and then we surfed the net and played StarCraft. Wait no, we played StarCraft after we got back from hanging out in Bethesda and seeing Shanghai Knights, which, despite whatever Jacki says, is very good and funny, with all those wonderfully creative Jackie Chan fight scenes. Yeah. THEN we went back and played StarCraft. Then I went home, and something happened, and now I am typing this. NOW I'm typing THIS. Now THIS. Ok. What the HELL am I supposed to do about Valentines Day?!?!?!?
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