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Okay, yay for everything. I'm teaching myself the bassline to Lateralis by Tool. TOOL IS COOL! That sounds like some political campaign thingy, but it's not. I just made it upWEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! I've been convinced into going to Homecoming, although I'd rather just hang out with all my friends in Old Town, but all the friends that I would hang out in Old Town with are going to Homecoming, so you see my predicament. [pant] I WILL NOT DANCE! I will not make a fool of myself in front of people who's respect I would like to keep. So there, you can't make me. Not even if you were...really good at making people dance. I finished my homework for both my odd AND even classes, somthing I have not done before. Praise me! PRAISE ME!! Aikido tomorrow, we're doing jo stuff. Thats a short staff, for you silly english k'niggits. I'm all hypered out now. I think I'll update my site now. Bye, pig!
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